04 January 2016

Pedestrianisation of the Rue Imberty

Pedestrianisation of the Rue Imberty

From Tuesday 5 January 2016, the Rue Imberty, which runs alongside the Square Gastaud in the Centre of La Condamine district, will be pedestrianised.  It will therefore be closed to vehicles (except for deliveries between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.)

The transformation of the Rue Imberty into a pedestrian zone will make it necessary to reverse the traffic flow in the Rue des Princes, directing it from the Rue Princesse Florestine towards the Rue Louis Notari.  The exit from the Square Gastaud car park will not be affected by these changes and the direction of traffic flow there will remain unchanged.

Finally, a parking area for two-wheeled vehicles will be created in the Rue Princesse Florestine as a replacement for the existing parking area in the Rue Imberty.

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