16 October 2017

Government and Monaco Telecom launch Monaco Wi-Fi service

Government and Monaco Telecom launch Monaco Wi-Fi service

Over the last few months, the Monegasque operator has been rolling out a new fibre-optic network for all hotspots. The aim is to offer better coverage and faster speeds at more than 30 public (markets, parks, squares, ports) and private (post offices, SNCF railway station) locations. In addition, six new locations will be added by the end of the year to strengthen the existing network.

The portal through which the Wi-Fi service is accessed has also been redesigned. It is now multilingual and has been adapted for use with all types of device: smartphones, tablets and PCs. The authentication process is simpler and quicker, and users can reconnect automatically on the same day. Finally, the portal complies with the new Monegasque digital security regulations.

To ensure optimal accessibility, the Monaco Welcome app, developed by the Welcome Office, offers a geolocation service for all hotspots. 

For more details on Monaco Wi-Fi, see: http://www.monaco-telecom.mc/

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