Rosemont Consulting SARL


Rosemont Consulting provides a full family office service to individuals and their families such as:

1.  Tax and estate planning focusing more specifically to individuals and international families with cross frontier tax issues and assets protection. Assist our clients to optimize their tax strategy    and accompany them in their choice of tax structuring mostly using onshore tax planning solutions.

2.   Consideration of the various tax residence options, and we are also able to assist clients with pre-move planning to most of European states and especially Monaco and France,    structuring  ownership of assets and residence and visa applications.

3.   High specialization in advising and structuring French or Monaco property by non-resident, especially using tax treaty "loopholes" and French tax optimizations possible for non-resident.

4.   Multifamily office services relating to French and Monaco property company administration and tax and accounting annual follow up. This can include very wide services such as  concierge   services for client spending time in France or Monaco.

Our company is specialized in real estate ownership & management: we advise on the implications and structuring for the ownership of property, and assist our clients with the coordination of parties during a property purchase, give advice at the pre-contract and contract stages on all issues related to the purchase such as building authorizations, rights of access, certificates of conformity, building guarantee.

Rosemont Consulting helps coordinate the related tax and estate planning issues, including choice of ownership vehicles and the structuring of financing. This may include organizing for directors of the entity holding the property and dealing with the administrative, tax, legal and accounting aspects of owning real estate and running a property holding company.

Our qualified and practiced team has experience in international estate planning structuring using both civil law and common law structures and specificities.