KBL Monaco Private Bankers


At KBL Monaco Private Bankers, we provide tailor-made financial solutions based on lasting relationships.

Our private bankers and investment professionals listen to clients’ unique needs before developing the perfect solution, maintaining clear, straight-forward dialogue.

As part of KBL European Private Bankers, a pan-European private banking group, we have access to world-class products and services. Our group operates on the core principle of interdependence, allowing clients in all of its markets to directly benefit from a network of over 2,200 professionals.

Luxembourg – where KBL epb  is headquartered – and Monaco are two of the world’s leading financial hubs, allowing us to offer high-quality products and services with efficient execution.

We provide a suite of services – including banking, wealth planning, transfer, investments and private insurance – to individuals, family offices and independent asset managers. 

Our daily commitment is to ensure that, through close collaboration, each client’s evolving needs and objectives are continuously supported by the perfect wealth management solution. 

At KBL mpb, we stand out due to our high-quality service and the long-term nature of our business relationships.

In Monaco and across the group, we have defined a clear strategy for sustained future success and are confident that we can realize our vision by 2018.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we are today in the midst of group-wide transformation aimed at strengthening the ties that bind each of our offices in all nine of our markets.

With the full support of our group shareholder – Precision Capital, a Luxembourg-based bank holding company – our group is consolidating its presence across Europe, including through potential acquisitions, directly benefiting KBL mpb’s service offering.

Jean Danckaert
Chief Executive Officer